It has come to our attention that you, Dear Reader, want to learn more about test preparation and higher education, and the NTPA is excited to suggest some of our test prep experts‘ blog posts. Read what they have to say, get involved in the comments, and get ready to break out some new conversation starters.

Blogs from test prep experts:

There are three legal forms to consider preparing to allow the involvement of a parent (or whomever) in an emergency or medical event.

Legal Forms Before Going To College

Mark Cruver, Capstone Educational Consultants


For my hitters — think about the first time you step into the batters’ box and face a new pitcher you have never seen before.  You’re up there just trying to make contact.   By the 3rd-4th time through the lineup, you have seen every pitch that they throw, and you are much more prepared.

Similarities between Baseball/Softball and the ACT

Tony Miglio, NKY Tutoring


Learning experts use it to describe getting stuck in a mental rut.  In other words, you do something one way so many times, you can no longer think of any other way to do it.

Effective Study Skills Part 4 – Einstellung

Heather Krey, Test Prep for Success


With undergraduate colleges going test optional for the 2021 application and now some extending that even for the 2022 application year, the students are in a dilemma about the choice. In this blog I plan to demystify the options and hopefully help the students in making an informed decision.

Should You Go Test Optional?

Sonya Muthalia, Informed Decisions

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