Member Publications SAT Math Orange Book: Every SAT Math Topic, Patiently Explained

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The “Orange Book” establishes a new category of premium SAT instructional materials. This text is not a collection of “tricks” or “hacks” for getting around the SAT’s function of assessing students’ skills. Instead, it meets the test on its own terms by providing comprehensive, clear, and patient education in every mathematical concept that can appear on the exam according to the officially published specifications for the test.

Note that this is a two-volume set, with the topics divided between the volumes, so students should purchase both volumes to have the complete text.

Amazon – Volume 1

Amazon – Volume 2

The Unofficial ACT Solutions Manual: Complete Solutions for Six Official ACT Practice Tests

Phil McCaffrey – 3RPrep

This ACT Solutions Manual contains detailed solutions to six official ACT practice tests, released as the booklets that the ACT sends to high schools. Each test was published on the ACT’s website as its free practice tests. The tests are released every 3 years. This book contains tests from 2018-2021 (1874FPRE), 2015-2018 (1572CPRE), 2012-2015 (67C), 2009-2012 (64E), 2006-2009 (61C), and 2003-2006 (59F).


Test Anxiety

Phil McCaffrey – 3RPrep

You open a test, your pulse races, and your mind goes blank. You have anxiety: TEST ANXIETY! The good news is that test anxiety is normal: everyone has it to some degree. The bad news is that it stinks. Understanding it is an important part of conquering it. Phil McCaffrey has been battling tests his entire life. He overcame his own test anxiety and has spent a lifetime helping others not only conquer their anxiety but to conquer their tests and SCORE! 


No B.S. SAT Math

Josh Kariyev and Jacqueline Pollina – J&J Test Prep

Want to ace SAT Math? Tired of sorting through the same B.S. explanations and getting nowhere? In this book, you will find all the math concepts tested on the SAT explained in great detail. Drills and questions following each topic ensure test-day readiness and overall comprehension.

This book essentially contains all of the good stuff and absolutely none of the B.S., showcasing the unique methodology we utilize in approaching math concepts and problems.


ACT Math Workout: A Carefully Designed Curriculum for the ACT Math Section

The Marks Education team

This book, written by experienced tutors, includes:

  • 58 problem sets divided into nine chapters, with introductory notes and solved examples for each problem set
  • 560 problems, with solutions for every problem
  • Advanced math topics including Permutations and Combinations, Probability, Law of Sines and Cosines, Trigonometric Graphing, Matrices, Asymptotes, Imaginary and Complex Numbers, Sequences, Logs, Conics, Vectors, and Polar Graphing


For the love of ACT Science

Michael Cerro – Private Prep

The ACT science section requires students to use the basic principles of applied science. In this fun and easy-to-read book, test prep guru Michael Cerro walks readers through the key pillars of the scientific method: hypothesis analysis, experimentation, data collection, numerical and graphic data analysis, and conclusion-drawing.

The book offers opportunities to practice each strategy with customized sample questions that feel just like those on the real test. He includes essential teaching moments on every page and makes the ACT Science section seem so simple that students might even have fun doing it!


For the love of ACT Math

Michael Cerro, Dan Chait, Owen Hill, Max McMahon, and Chris ReddickPrivate Prep

“In our years of tutoring, we noticed that students hoping to excel on the math section of the ACT didn’t need content organized by classroom topics; they needed exercises and drills that trained the skills required by the ACT, laid out in a format that looked like the ACT. We mined our collective experience to boil down each concept to its most important parts, organizing them into a clear and concise method. This isn’t some math book that gets distracted by theory or off-topic drills, it is a book focused on ACT performance, delivering our guidance with the same warm camaraderie we bring to our daily sessions.” – Michael Cerro, Dan Chait, Owen Hill, Max McMahon, and Chris Reddick


For the love of ACT Reading

Kyla Haggerty, Tehya Baxter, Emily Lubejko, and Daniel Hamilton – Private Prep

“We’ve tutored countless students using these strategies. And time and time again, the results spoke for themselves. Students saw improved scores and acceptance into great schools, so we decided to write the how-to’s in this book. We know that the ACT Reading section can feel impossible to prepare for. After all, how do you study reading? Well, in this book, we’ll show you the strategies that work.” – Kyla Haggerty, Tehya Baxter, Emily Lubejko, and Daniel Hamilton


The Tutor Bible

Ian Siegel – Streamline Tutors

The Tutor Bible exposes a reality hiding in plain sight: school doesn’t serve our educational needs in the 21st century. Through a historical, psychological, and philosophical analysis, the Tutor Bible sheds light on a better way of educating our students – one that excavates students from cycles of self-judgment reinforced by grade inflation, social media, and college admissions and thereby allows students to achieve their potential.


SmartyPrep Verbal Workbook

The Streamline Tutors team

Written by expert tutors using methodologies that consistently incur 200+ improvements on the SAT and 5+ improvements on the ACT. Master what you need to know to be successful on the verbal sections of the SAT and ACT.


SmartyPrep Math Workbook

The Streamline Tutors team

For serious students who want to fundamentally change their math abilities in preparation for the SAT or ACT, this workbook offers in-depth insights gleaned from thousands of tutoring hours.


StudyLark Guide to SAT Writing and Language: The Essential Guide for Highly Motivated Students

Dave Lynch – StudyLark Test Prep

The StudyLark Guide to SAT Writing and Language is the product of years of research and the analysis of thousands of real test questions. The Guide will show you everything that’s on the test—and nothing that’s not. The author knows what kinds of grammar and stylistic topics give people trouble and shares the explanations that make the most sense.


SAT & ACT Combo Test

Heather Krey – Test Prep for Success

This mashup of the SAT and ACT gives you an idea of what’s inside each test and helps you estimate what score you’ll get on each. Get great tips and strategies for each section and expert advice on your next steps toward a fantastic score. Check out our website for downloadable material, including score sheets and answer explanations for this book.


Building Your Student’s Story: The Parent’s Companion to College Admissions Strategies, Standardized Tests, and Crafting an Exceptional Application

Alex Chip – Top Score Education

Our Companion guide will teach you how to understand what makes a successful applicant, exceptional college student, and leader in the job market. As you establish your student’s story, use this guide for tactical guidance on standardized test timing and prep, course selection, and maintaining a high GPA. Whether this is your first child or your fifth navigating their journey to college, a Freshman or a Junior, this Companion guide will answer your whats, whens, and hows.


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