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Welcome to NTPA, the association for test prep professionals. We are a professional association dedicated to supporting test prep professionals, upholding the highest ethical standards, and promoting best practices in the test prep industry. Here you’ll find opportunities to learn, connect, and collaborate with colleagues across the country.

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Our mission is built on driving best practices and supporting professional activities in the test prep community.

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NTPA membership comes with networking opportunities, mentorship, inclusion in our Member Directory, and many other benefits. We offer membership at the student, individual, and organizational level.

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We set the standard for ethical conduct.

All NTPA members subscribe to our Code of Ethics. Membership in NTPA lets your clients know that you adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct.
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NTPA Member Feature: Ari Freuman of Ivy Tutor

NTPA Member Feature: Ari Freuman of Ivy Tutor

Ari Freuman, founder of Ivy Tutor, addresses the challenges faced by students and parents in navigating the world of test preparation. Through his innovative approach, Ari ensures personalized learning experiences, sets high standards for educational excellence, and empowers students to achieve their full potential. Join us as we explore Ari’s journey from founding Ivy Tutor to transforming the academic futures of students worldwide.

NTPA Member Feature – Marc Gray of Odyssey College Prep

NTPA Member Feature – Marc Gray of Odyssey College Prep

In this NTPA feature, we meet Marc Gray of Odyssey College Prep. Marc joined the NTPA in the Summer of 2023 but has taught ACT prep since 2014. In this post, we’ll learn how Marc started his career in test prep and college counseling. Keep reading to learn more about Marc, his philosophy on test prep, and the other niche services he and his team provide to their students to prepare them for college.

NTPA Member Feature – Heather Krey of World Class Tutoring

NTPA Member Feature – Heather Krey of World Class Tutoring

In this feature, we delve into the expertise of Heather Krey, M.Ed. Heather is a co-owner of World Class Tutoring and a seasoned SAT and ACT preparation veteran. Heather’s wealth of experience and innovative techniques offer valuable insights into the test prep world. Join us in this week’s post as we explore Heather’s transformative methods and glean invaluable lessons for academic success.