Member-Only Content

One of the many benefits of NTPA membership is access to the highest quality professional development a test prep professional can ask for. These rich, expert-driven events make us better teachers, tutors, managers, and operators. And while live participation is preferable, you can access recordings of every single one as part of your membership benefits as long as you log in to the NTPA website.

So, what kind of content is accessible only by members?

SUMMITS (link to Summits page)
NTPA Online Summits are our most in-depth remote professional development events, typically involving 2.5 hours of presentations, expert panels, group projects, and breakout groups around a core pedagogical or operational subject. While we don’t record the small group discussions, you can access everything else extending back to when Mike and Amy first started running summits as part of the Tests and the Rest podcast.

TEST DECONSTRUCTIONS (link to Test Deconstruction posts)
If you personally review SATs and ACTs with students or take tests for professional or recreational purposes, nothing beats digging into the latest ACT QAS or SAT TIR with fellow aficionados. We review every single released exam, so dig into the archives and be sure to make the next live deconstruction.

TUTOR ROUNDTABLES (link to Tutor Roundtable posts)
Tutor Roundtables assemble educators for hour-long explorations into advanced aspects of test content, strategy, and teaching techniques. If there’s a teaching topic we haven’t tackled yet that you’d like to discuss, let us know.

LUNCH N LEARNS (link to Lunch N Learn posts)
Where Tutor Roundtables focus on pedagogical topics, NTPA Lunch N Learns emphasize operational concerns. Join these sessions for focused conversations led by industry experts on sales and marketing, human resources, product development, and anything else related to successful test prep enterprises.