It has come to our attention that you, Dear Reader, want to learn more about test preparation and higher education, and the NTPA is excited to suggest some of our test prep experts‘ blog posts. Read what they have to say, get involved in the comments, and get ready to break out some new conversation starters.

Blogs from test prep experts:

“Sleep consolidates the memories of what you have learned and helps you make better decisions.”

Tips for Test Success (The Sleep Edition)

Sarah Carter, Pivot Tutors

“I find the virtual info sessions, often delivered via Zoom, are nearly the same as in-person info sessions; there is still a reliable representative from the college narrating a presentation with a Q&A at the end.”

College Visits – Then & Now

Jake Shukan, PM Tutoring

“As you review mistakes/incorrects in test material, your student will keep track of the source of each mistake into the categories of ‘Content,’ ‘Process,’ ‘Reading,’ or ‘Oops.'”

The “Categorize Your Mistakes” Exercise

Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan College Prep