It has come to our attention that you, Dear Reader, want to learn more about test preparation and higher education, and the NTPA is excited to suggest some of our test prep experts‘ blog posts. Read what they have to say, get involved in the comments, and get ready to break out some new conversation starters.

Blogs from test prep experts:

We can’t emphasize just how crucial it is for high school juniors to complete this short checklist of tasks before school comes to a close for the year.

Three Crucial Tasks to Complete Before ‘Checking Out’ for the Summer

Axios College Tutoring

If cost is going to be a factor in your college decision, do the research early. Other elements can play into the decision, but this is one of the few areas that is relatively black and white.

The Most Important Conversation to Have About College

Bybee College Prep


The ACT English section features sentence ordering questions, which prompt you to consider the proper order of sentences within a paragraph. For many students, these account for some of the toughest questions on the section, as they require careful consideration of the content and logic of the text.

Test Tip Tuesday: How to Approach Sentence Ordering Questions

Method Test Prep


Their devious efforts are baked into your psychological experience as a test taker – your user experience, in other words. This mental trickery persists in the computer-based ACT and SAT.

Strategies for the Computer-Based SAT and ACT

North Avenue Education

Many students WILL be applying with scores. In addition to competing against those with scores, there are 5 other reasons that scores matter. Here are my 5 reasons why students still need test scores.

5 Reasons that TEST OPTIONAL is NOT the safe way to apply

Jen Henson ACT Prep

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