It has come to our attention that you, Dear Reader, want to learn more about test preparation and higher education, and the NTPA is excited to suggest some of our test prep experts‘ blog posts. Read what they have to say, get involved in the comments, and get ready to break out some new conversation starters.

Blogs from test prep experts:

Often when I help one of my students fully understand a complex math problem, they happily exclaim “that was easy!”  “No,” I will tell them, “Give yourself credit. That problem was crazy hard.”

What to Do When a Math Question Makes You Panic.  (5 minutes)

Heather Krey, Test Prep for Success


“The problem is so many of the test optional statements smack of disingenuousness.”

Test Optional Isn’t Meant to Help Students (4 minutes)

Shane Bybee, Bybee College Prep


“I sent the students home with a gallon sized plastic bag containing 5 of the 9 things they will need for the test center. Here is a breakdown of those items.”

9 Things to Take to the ACT or SAT Test (2 minutes)

Jen Henson, Jen Henson ACT Prep


“While the majority of us agree that the faster we can get all students back to full-time in-person school, the better, the reality is that many students will be learning online for a long time to come.”

Improving Asynchronous Instruction in the Age of Remote Learning (3 minutes)

Tom Ehlers, Method Test Prep