It has come to our attention that you, Dear Reader, want to learn more about test preparation and higher education, and the NTPA is excited to suggest some of our test prep experts‘ blog posts. Read what they have to say, get involved in the comments, and get ready to break out some new conversation starters.

Blogs from test prep experts:

“The question isn’t should you test. The question is should you submit test scores.”

Will Test Optional Increase Your Admission Chances?

Lisa Marker Robbins, LEAP


“In 1983, Pearson and Gallagher suggested a framework for slowly shifting the heavy thinking part of a task from the teacher to the students, called gradual release of responsibility. The idea is that the teacher starts by showing the students what to do, and eventually the students can do it on their own.”

Gradual Release of Responsibility

Robin Zelman Satty, STEMsmart Consulting


“But, if you were deferred, what — if anything — should you do? Just hope for the best? Forget about the school and just concentrate elsewhere? Don’t give up hope yet, there’s still much that can be done if you were deferred.”

What Can I Do if I Got Deferred Early Decision or Early Action?

Marci Schoenbach, Summit Prep


“Even though the process of applying for accommodations is arduous, it is an important factor in making sure that students with disabilities have a level playing field when it comes to taking these tests.”

SAT, ACT Testing Accommodations– What You Need to Know

Axios Tutoring


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