“Test prep is a team sport.” This was the tagline of the NTPA 2022 National Conference and I see it every time I wear my raglan-sleeved swag. Is it, though? 

A job in test prep can be a very lonely experience. When I began working in test prep through a well-known brand, I had coworkers and supervisors. If I couldn’t answer a question, I could step away and ask for help. When I joined a smaller company I still had that support AND I didn’t know how much more work there was: getting new students, staying on top of fluctuating schedules, and handling unhappy or needy families were struggles I didn’t face until I started my own business.

I missed that support. PreCOVID I was often in libraries and tried to connect with other local tutors. I made one friend out of at least 15 attempts. Then I found Test Prep Tribe and the NTPA. We could make jokes about Lady Carlotta and debate whether C was always the best guess. I’d found my people.

The only thing was, as COVID restrictions retreated and businesses returned to full force, I learned that a lot of my colleagues were much further along than I was. They had large businesses, employees, and years of experience. We were all in the same storm but we had very different ships, and mine was a canoe. I began to wonder if I had a place in the NTPA. I loved the camaraderie and the academic support, but my business was struggling. Where were the other people like me?

People like me, I’m excited to meet you. The NTPA has created Solopreneur Circle, a mastermind/support group for individuals who are self employed and run their business entirely on their own. The Circle is an opportunity for growth, support, and accountability among peers. It is only for solopreneurs and is open to anyone with a goal: improving your craft, troubleshooting, and/or ultimately scaling up. There are lectures, Q and A sessions, and endless possibilities.

The Circle is not a team as of right now, but we are certainly a fleet. I hope you join us.

Anna Solomon is the solopreneur behind Flamingo Tutoring. She offers SAT and ACT tutoring in Salisbury, MD and across the world via Zoom.

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