For December NTPA Lunch N Learn, we heard from Kartik Sarda from Evallo.

Evallo is an innovative SaaS platform designed to empower tutoring companies and individual tutors in the evolving landscape of digital education. At its heart, Evallo offers an integrated suite of tools that streamline essential business operations, including a robust CRM, automated Invoicing, and flexible scheduling capabilities, all tailored to the specific needs of the tutoring sector.

A flagship feature of Evallo is its specialized support for the digital SAT (DSAT). The platform facilitates the creation, administration, and automatic grading of practice tests, making it an invaluable tool for preparing students for digital standardized tests. Evallo’s automatic grading system and detailed score reports provide immediate, insightful feedback on student performance, allowing tutors to tailor their instruction effectively.

A host of other features such as a Referral Management System, Session Tags and Notes, Announcements, Customizable Settings and Branding make Evallo the ONE-STOP-SHOP option for all Tutoring companies, irrespective of their location, format, or tutoring styles.