As this month draws to a close and vaccine availability brings us closer to normal, here are some of the stories that have captured tutors’ attention this month:


Using Market Research to Shape the Assessment Landscape: What We Know About COVID-19’s Effect on Test Optional (

“The research suggests that rapid test blind expansion is quite unlikely. Schools regard test score data as too useful to abandon altogether, and they report that they feel students should be allowed to submit test scores if they wish to do so.”

Not Submitting Scores (Inside Higher Ed):

“While I believe that the über-selective colleges that became test optional in response to COVID will return to requiring the tests, most colleges will remain test optional,” Massa said.

NPR/Ipsos Poll: Nearly One-Third Of Parents May Stick With Remote Learning (NPR):

“On the other hand, fully 29% of parents told us they were likely to stick with remote learning indefinitely. That included about half of the parents who are currently enrolled in remote learning.”

Don’t Blame the Tests: Getting Rid of Standardized Testing Means Punishing Poor Students (USA Today Op Ed):

“No, a student’s SAT or GPA is not the only thing that matters. Character, leadership and kindness matter far more in life. But just because a test doesn’t tell us everything about a person doesn’t mean it is useless.”


  This American Life podcast: “The College Tour has been Cancelled”:

“They’re not applying to schools, falling through the cracks, ghosting their counselors who can’t just grab them in the hallway or pull them from class this year.”

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