Prepare for success as the Digital SAT looms! Here, we present ten easy yet crucial strategies for the day before and morning of the Digital SAT. These practices come directly from our NTPA members, who have used them with their students. From practical advice to psychological priming, these strategies can help optimize your performance and alleviate pre-test jitters. Let’s ensure you enter the examination room fully prepared and equipped to excel.

1. Set an Alarm

Set an alarm that will give you plenty of time to go through your test day morning routine. Will you take a shower? Eat breakfast? Whatever you do, make sure to add these two things. First, read something to warm your brain up. It doesn’t have to be test-related material, but it should be full sentences and paragraphs (think newspaper articles over TikTok). Second, play your favorite hype song to get you ready to conquer the test. – Marina Yalon, MYPrep

2. Get Charged Up

Make sure everything is charged up–laptop and calculator. Plug them in overnight, next to your test day bag, so they’re ready to go the next morning. – Anna Solomon, World Class Tutoring

3. Review the Strategies

Review the digital SAT strategies that you’ve learned with your tutor! I tell my students to handwrite their own concise, personal study guides and either post them on the bulletin boards above their desks or break them down into individual concepts that can go on Post-Its on a bathroom mirror. That way, you can review your Reading Synthesis strategies while brushing your teeth. It’s a two-for-one deal! – Remy Andersen, Andersen Education

4. Review Your Past Errors

Review mistakes on a recent practice test and work through those missed questions again to ensure you know how to do them. This helps build muscle memory and confidence that you can overcome past mistakes. – Pranoy Mohapatra, PMTutoring

5. Dress For Success

The day before the test, lay out all the items you need for the test and your clothes. Remember to dress in layers. – Laura Link, Link Private Tutoring

6. Learn How to Manage Stress

Test anxiety gets in the way of performance on exams. In fact, psychologist Sian Belilock, author of the book Choke, shares that when students worry about test performance, they use up valuable working memory (the type of memory that helps us with comprehension, problem-solving, and reasoning) space in the brain. So, what can we do to combat test anxiety? Try journaling, meditation, taking a walk, or mindful breathing. One simple activity is the 4-4-8 breathing technique: while sitting or lying down, inhale through your nose for a count of 4, hold your breath for a count of 4, and exhale for 8. – Christine Carroll, Tutoring by Christine LLC

7. Print Your Admission Ticket

If you are testing on your personal device, here is a crucial Digital SAT requirement: log into your Bluebook account between one and five days before your actual test. Bluebook will complete the exam setup and confirm your information. ONLY when that setup is complete will Bluebook generate your Admission Ticket. Then, print the Admission ticket or email it to yourself. – Lori Goldstein, Circle Test Prep

8. Pack a Snack

Make sure to pack a snack: students may want that caloric boost to get them through the second half of the test. – Amy Seeley, Seeley Test Pros

9. Take a Dry Run to the Test Center

Drive to the testing location ahead of time. I had a student get lost on the way to the test and come in late. His room had already closed, but he was fortunate enough to be given a spot in another room at the location. However, the panic and stress caused him to bomb his test anyway. – Blake Jensen, Jensen Test Prep

10. Look at How Far You’ve Come

Assuming you’ve prepared for the SAT- which is best started at least a couple of months before you’ve ideally learned a ton of important facts, formulas, skills, and strategies. You should have also taken one or more practice tests. The day before the test, there is no time to take another full test or study hours’ worth of material. Instead, reflect on your journey: think about how much you’ve learned, how far your score has advanced in practice, and how much more prepared you are for this exam. Anyone who has put in the work should feel confident about their prospects, and confidence often makes the crucial difference in unlocking your best performance when it counts. You worked for your best score. Now, go get it! – Mike Bergin, Chariot Learning


Prepare for the Digital SAT with confidence. The day preceding the exam offers a valuable opportunity for final preparations and mindset adjustments. Following the ten easy steps outlined in this guide can bolster your confidence, sharpen your focus, and ensure a smoother test-taking experience. Remember, whether setting an alarm or reflecting on your progress, each action can be crucial to your overall readiness. So take a deep breath, trust in your preparation, and step into the examination room with the certainty that you’ve done everything possible to succeed. Best of luck on your Digital SAT journey!

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