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Welcome to NTPA, the association for test prep professionals. We are a professional association dedicated to supporting test prep professionals, upholding the highest ethical standards, and promoting best practices in the test prep industry. Here you’ll find opportunities to learn, connect, and collaborate with colleagues across the country.

Fostering collaboration, advancing high standards

Our mission is built on driving best practices and supporting professional activities in the test prep community.

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NTPA membership comes with networking opportunities, mentorship, inclusion in our Member Directory, and many other benefits. We offer membership at the student, individual, and organizational level.

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We set the standard for ethical conduct.

All NTPA members subscribe to our Code of Ethics. Membership in NTPA lets your clients know that you adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct.
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The Value of Test Preparation

The Value of Test Preparation

Test preparation not only helps students build content knowledge, but it also helps them develop life skills such as work ethic, responsibility, and the ability to perform under pressure.

Managing Digital Test Transitions

We invited three successful test prep professionals with different backgrounds and organizational structures to discuss Managing Digital Test Transitions at the NTPA March 2022 Summit. Brett Ethridge of Dominate Test Prep David Lynch of StudyLark Test Prep Bara Sapir...

Logistical Factors in Successful Test Transitions

Neill Seltzer of Mindprint Learning shares lessons learned through hard experience of various changes in test content and platform during a long career in test prep. This informative session was presented at the NTPA March 2022 Summit. What will you learn from this...

How Standardized Testing Benefits Individuals

How Standardized Testing Benefits Individuals

Debate about the value of testing abounds these days. The focus is primarily on the big picture, exploring whether testing is racially biased, economically prejudiced, or even useful at predicting college performance for applicants. While both sides make compelling,...