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Welcome to NTPA, the association for test prep professionals. We are a professional association dedicated to supporting test prep professionals, upholding the highest ethical standards, and promoting best practices in the test prep industry. Here you’ll find opportunities to learn, connect, and collaborate with colleagues across the country.

Fostering collaboration, advancing high standards

Our mission is built on driving best practices and supporting professional activities in the test prep community.

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NTPA membership comes with networking opportunities, mentorship, inclusion in our Member Directory, and many other benefits. We offer membership at the student, individual, and organizational level.

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We set the standard for ethical conduct.

All NTPA members subscribe to our Code of Ethics. Membership in NTPA lets your clients know that you adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct.
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What Would a Smart 9th Grader Get on SAT and ACT Math?

What Would a Smart 9th Grader Get on SAT and ACT Math?

What would an A+ student who has just finished Algebra I and Geometry score on the SAT and ACT if she got everything right that she had seen in school and got everything else wrong? According to my analysis, she would score a 29 on ACT Math (80% of the tested...

Scenes from the NTPA 2nd Annual National Conference

The 2nd annual National Conference of the National Test Prep Association in Atlanta, GA on June 11-12, 2002 was, by every possible metric, a tremendous success. Whether you were there or not, you'll love these scenes of learning, laughing, and looking to make a bigger...

How Standardized Testing is Essential to Promoting Equity

How Standardized Testing is Essential to Promoting Equity

Educational inequality in the United States is an obvious, growing, and well-documented crisis¹. Individual students have unequal and insufficient access to quality education, districts are underfunded, and the generational effects of redlining have resulted in de...