NTPA Partners

NTPA members are thoughtful and experienced professionals who know the value of great educational products, services, and curriculum. As the key decision makers for education sector businesses, our members always seek out the kind of resources that further elevate instruction, efficiency, and client service. The following organizations support the mission of the National Test Prep Association as well as its members by proving essential resources and special member access.


LearnSpeed is a web-based solution for the education industry that helps manage tutoring, counseling, test preparation, and NPA businesses.


Mathchops is an adaptive math practice tool that helps students earn higher scores in less time. It picks the best questions for students to practice based on their previous answers, focusing on the most common question types from real tests. Mathchops also makes tutoring much easier with an endless supply of good questions, detailed stats about students, and targeted practice games to play with students during sessions. It also makes the sessions themselves more efficient: while students play customized games during the week, Mathchops highlights the best ones for you to cover when you meet. Versions are available for the SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, and grades 4-11.

Method Learning

Method Learning provides current (and prospective) parents and students with access to a web-based learning program branded as your own. Use as a curriculum or to give your students additional practice or as a place where they can take diagnostic and full-length exams. Simple reports show you how much work each student has done, how they have performed, and which skills they are struggling with.


Teachworks provides a simple, easy-to-use system for managing teachers, students, schedules, billing and more.

Tests and the Rest Online Summits

Tests and the Rest Online Summits provide industry leading professional development and networking opportunities for test prep professionals eager to elevate their services and businesses.


Want to see real college price transparency? TuitionFit provides real-time access to the true prices that colleges charge so that families and college search experts can clearly identify financial fit colleges. By joining TuitionFit, you can participate in flipping the power dynamic in college admissions and empowering students and families to take control of their college search process.


TutorBird is the #1 tutor management software for private tutors, tutoring centers and test prep centers. Manage your students, schedule, billing, online tutoring and much more!

The Forum Lens

Built by New York’s premier test prep tutoring agency and now used by top tutoring companies across the country, the Forum Lens is a technology suite—including custom answer sheets, a scanning app, and automated intelligent score reports—that enables tutors to bring detailed insights immediately to their students’ practice tests as well as homework assignments. With comprehensive analysis (over 50 topics per test in frameworks devised by Forum’s most experienced tutors), algorithmically ranked prep recommendations, and proprietary question tags for students to mark questions as uncertain or rushed, the Lens helps ensure that students and their tutors are always working on the precise material that stands to improve the student’s score the most.

Atom Learning

Atom Learning is an online adaptive learning platform for students aged 7-13. The Atom platform combines high quality, teacher-made content with sophisticated technology to create a customized learning pathway for every student, helping them achieve their dream score on test day. Atom provides data-driven insights, thousands of questions for custom practices, and unlimited practice tests for ISEE and SSAT preparation.

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