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Educators who join the National Test Prep Association are thoughtful and experienced professionals who know the value of great educational products, services, and curricula. As the key decision-makers in the education industry, our members strive to find resources that efficient, effective learning and elevate service. Our Affiliate Members support the NTPA’s mission by providing valuable resources and special member access.

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Achievable provides exam prep courses to help students study for the most important exams of their careers. Their courses are designed to fit the busy and mobile lifestyles of today’s students and provide them with insight into their progress as they study. Achievable offers courses for the ACT, AMC 8/10/12, GRE, Series 6, Series 63, Series 65, Series 66, Series 7, SIE, and USMLE.


Evallo is a tutoring automation tool that takes over administrative tasks for tutors worldwide, offering more efficiency, higher client satisfaction, and increased revenue. Tutoring companies face operational challenges like custom invoicing, disjointed CRM, complex scheduling, manual homework grading, and a lack of systematic referrals, struggling with multiple logins and uncoordinated marketing efforts. Evallo is the only versatile platform that can cater to all types of tutoring businesses. Evallo is the first digital product that is flexible enough to fit any tutoring company’s operational model, irrespective of their invoicing, cancellation, homework, hiring, or referral policies – all key components of running a successful tutoring business.



Highscores.ai is a pioneering digital test preparation platform designed for the modern student. The platform comes with easy setup and friendly interface. With high quality questions and ready-to-use tests (adaptive and linear), you can start in less than 5 mins.

Powered by advanced algorithms and enriched analytics, we’re transforming SAT, PSAT, and ACT prep by personalizing learning experiences and equipping educators worldwide. Trusted by leading institutions and over 700K students, our platform prioritizes results, reliability, and a commitment to educational excellence. Discover the future of test preparation with Highscores.ai.



Mathchops is an adaptive math practice tool that helps students achieve higher scores in less time. It picks the best questions for students to practice based on their previous answers and focuses on the most common question types from real tests. Mathchops simplifies tutoring with an endless supply of high-quality questions, comprehensive student statistics, and targeted practice games to play during sessions. It also makes the sessions more efficient by highlighting the most effective games for you to cover when you meet. Mathchops is available for the SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, and grades 4-11.



MentoMind  is a one-stop-shop digital platform specifically designed for SAT tutoring, significantly reducing tutors’ workload with its user-friendly tools and features. This adaptive platform seamlessly integrates high-quality content with mastery learning principles and adjusts dynamically to the evolving needs of tutors and their instructional styles. MentoMind enriches the tutoring experience with comprehensive SAT curriculum guides, targeted practice, interactive quizzes, fun challenges, and full-length adaptive practice tests. Leveraging AI in a thoughtful way, MentoMind provides immediate, tailored support to both students and tutors, making it an indispensable tool for tutors dedicated to enhancing their teaching strategies and boosting their students’ SAT scores.



Mindflow combines reading acceleration methods with mindset tools to increase your reading speed, improve your focus and comprehension and boost performance on admissions tests, in school and professionally.Our learning program can help you achieve higher scores on your SSAT, SHSAT, ISEE, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, EA, LSAT, MCAT, TOEFL, IELTS and PTE exams. The techniques you’ll learn through MindFlow will support you in middle and high school, college, business school, graduate school, medical school, law school and throughout your academic and professional career.



Pagecall is B2B SaaS that delivers state-of-the-art tool for real-time audio, video, and whiteboard interactions for seamless online communication. Pagecall helps online education customers launch, grow, and advance their businesses using a quick, easy solution that enables interactive education. We promote proactive classroom communication through innovative technology and drive the digital transformation of education around the globe. Pagecall has dedicated almost a decade to online teaching technology. We are transforming online education, one lesson at a time.


Pencil Spaces

Pencil Spaces is an All-in-One Tutoring Platform for organizations of all scale. It is a cutting edge virtual classroom solution built by a team of world-class educators, learning scientists, and technologists.


WellEd Labs

WellEd Labs is an edtech company with the vision to harmonize technology and education to enable young students to dream bigger. Under the brand, The SAT Crash Course, we currently provide online resources including 20 DSAT practice tests and 5 digital PSAT practice tests. The company also supports a B2B platform which enables test prep academies to seamlessly administer our tests, manage students, and track students’ scores. We hope to build a great network through the association to get advice, insights, and feedback to improve the quality of our services.

WellEd Labs is offering NTPA members 20% off their first transaction with The SAT Crash Course. Contact .


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