NTPA Affiliates

Educators who join the National Test Prep Association are thoughtful and experienced professionals who know the value of great educational products, services, and curricula. As the key decision-makers for education-sector businesses, our members always seek out the kind of resources that further accelerate learning, enhance efficiency, and elevate service. Our Affiliate Members support the mission of the NTPA as well as its membership by proving essential resources and special member access.


Grad Prep

Grad Prep has exclusive practice tests for the GRE, GMAT, LSAT and MCAT that simulate the test-day experience. With detailed answer explanations and 3 modes of interaction, their practice tests help students achieve measurable score increases. In addition, students have access to dozens of refresher lessons and hundreds of practice sets. Enjoy 20% off with discount code NTPA20.



Mathchops is an adaptive math practice tool that helps students earn higher scores in less time. It picks the best questions for students to practice based on their previous answers, focusing on the most common question types from real tests. Mathchops also makes tutoring much easier with an endless supply of good questions, detailed stats about students, and targeted practice games to play with students during sessions. It also makes the sessions themselves more efficient: while students play customized games during the week, Mathchops highlights the best ones for you to cover when you meet. Versions are available for the SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, and grades 4-11.



ScoreSurge is committed to effective, targeted ACT practice for students and schools. Leaning on decades of classroom expertise and experience with existing digital test prep products, ScoreSurge has crafted a uniquely detailed, flexible, valid ACT preparation experience that honors student time and effort toward reaching their own test goals. They narrow the content field to material actually present on the ACT; when student practice utilizes previous exams, skill gaps and weaknesses are effectively identified. Removing the mystery of what might be encountered on the exam allows students to more quickly hone in on areas of need while schools can effectively improve instruction.


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