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Educators who join the National Test Prep Association are thoughtful and experienced professionals who know the value of great educational products, services, and curricula. As the key decision-makers in the education industry, our members strive to find resources that efficient, effective learning and elevate service. Our Affiliate Members support the NTPA’s mission by providing valuable resources and special member access.

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Achievable provides exam prep courses to help students study for the most important exams of their careers. Their courses are designed to fit the busy and mobile lifestyles of today’s students and provide them with insight into their progress as they study. Achievable offers courses for the ACT, AMC 8/10/12, GRE, Series 6, Series 63, Series 65, Series 66, Series 7, SIE, and USMLE.


Biometric Edge

Biometric Edge is an online mock exam company that employs advanced biometric feedback technology to identify and correct test-taking errors and optimize performance. By analyzing a student’s pulse and blink rate, eye-tracking, and time spent on each question, Biometric Edge can provide valuable insights into their testing behavior, including how they manage time, whether they check their work, and whether anxiety affects their performance. Using this data, Biometric Edge helps students improve their scores by providing personalized feedback and coaching. Contact Biometric Edge to learn about their special offer for NTPA members.


Dr. Ben Bernstein

Dr. Ben Bernstein provides performance coaching to people of all ages and endeavors – executives and students, athletes and actors, parents and teachers, doctors and lawyers. His coaching addresses issues that impede optimal performance and achievement: performance anxiety, physical issues/tension, lack of confidence (self-doubt), lack of motivation, unclear or unengaging goals, distraction, and procrastination. Dr. B can help if you are either stuck, not reaching your potential, or are unfulfilled in your work.




Mathchops is an adaptive math practice tool that helps students achieve higher scores in less time. It picks the best questions for students to practice based on their previous answers and focuses on the most common question types from real tests. Mathchops simplifies tutoring with an endless supply of high-quality questions, comprehensive student statistics, and targeted practice games to play during sessions. It also makes the sessions more efficient by highlighting the most effective games for you to cover when you meet. Mathchops is available for the SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, and grades 4-11.



Pagecall is B2B SaaS that delivers state-of-the-art tool for real-time audio, video, and whiteboard interactions for seamless online communication. Pagecall helps online education customers launch, grow, and advance their businesses using a quick, easy solution that enables interactive education. We promote proactive classroom communication through innovative technology and drive the digital transformation of education around the globe. Pagecall has dedicated almost a decade to online teaching technology. We are transforming online education, one lesson at a time.


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